Duchy of Taco

Duchy of Taco is here to document my journey as a software developer beginning to make his way into InfoSec. The intended focus is on CTF writeups, but other interesting things I learn or experience will also be featured.


I used to be a duke of tacos; now I leave all that nobility nonsense to my wife, the Duchess. I’m really more of an eater of tacos than a master of making tacos, so be careful what you ask for if you want me to bring any. Computers and video games have been my lifelong fascination; some of my earliest memories involve playing games with my dad on his 286, and wanting to know how it all worked so that I could one day build my own games lead me here. When I’m not gaming on my RetroPIE or stuck in a computer book, I like to paint miniatures, play soccer with @The_HarpersAFC, attend Detroit City FC matches, or go biking.