Duchy of Taco

Duchy of Taco is my eclectic personal blog project. Topics include InfoSec, especially CTF writeups, retro gaming, software engineering, and Detroit City FC. I’m not trying to maintain a tight focus. If it’s interesting to me, I’ll write about it.

Who I Am

I’m basically just a giant nerd who likes cracking jokes and making people feel good about themselves. I have a lot of interests, like reading giant books, or gaming, or riding my bike around, or attending soccer matches. I have some creative outlets, such as painting minis, writing here, or more recently PixelHobby. But being around people and knowing I’m making a difference for people is what keeps me moving at the end of the day.

To that end I try to keep in mind the humans using the software I build rather than chasing technology for the sake of technology. I’m involved in several community groups with a focus on trying to make things better for people as individuals, as that is the only way to build up a truly solid group. And those groups of people are in turn constantly holding me up and helping me both grow and remain stable through life.